Defense for Asylum and Deportation

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Asylum refers to the protection granted to an individual that allows him/her to remain in the United States instead of being sent back to the country of origin because there is a well-grounded fear of persecution on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. 


Keep in mind that you can apply for asylum at any port-of-entry, like airports, seaports, or border-crossing. After your arrival to the United States, you must submit your asylum application within one year. Our asylum lawyer will gladly work with you to make sure all requirements are met before submitting your application, including the collection of evidence of past persecution or fear of future persecution, which is often one of the most difficult tasks.  

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At American Legal Immigration Center, LLC, we have a wealth of experience helping asylum seekers receive the assistance they deserve. If the government of your home country or an entity within your country has persecuted you on the grounds of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group, or if you fear future persecution, count on us to do what it takes to get you the protection you need.


There are special circumstances by which your application could still be considered even if you have been in the United States for over a year. We can help you prove if any extraordinary circumstances prevented you from applying on time, or if there have been any material changes in your home country that could represent a threat to your life if you were deported.


Our asylum lawyer is ready to assist you whether you are in removal proceedings -a process known as defensive asylum- or if you are not in removal proceedings, simply called affirmative asylum. Count on us, we are here to help you.

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At American Legal Immigration Center, LLC, we don’t make empty promises to our clients, we can’t lead you into believing that what follows is a fairy tale, and if you have already endured persecution in your home country, you probably don’t expect one either, but we do want to give you hope, simply because we know it’s there, and we see it day after day when we successfully help individuals like you receive the protection and dignified treatment they deserve.


If your asylum claim is denied and you are placed in removal proceedings, our team will be devoted to getting you an alternative form of relief known as withholding of removal. The standard is a bit higher than for asylum, but our experienced team is prepared to fight for it. 


Additionally, if there is substantial reason to believe that you would be subjected to torture in your home country, we can also seek protection under the mechanisms provided for in the Convention Against Torture, another form of withholding of removal. You can be assured that we will exhaust all avenues to get you the protection you seek. Schedule a consultation at (240) 669-7596, or fill out our quick contact form. We’ll be glad to start working with you!

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