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Work With an Experienced Immigration Lawyer in Silver Spring, MD

American Legal Immigration Center, LLC, is an immigration law firm proudly serving clients in Silver Spring, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our immigration lawyer understands that the immigration process can be overwhelming and complex to navigate, which is why we are proud to put our sector-specific knowledge on immigration law to good use by helping immigrants through every step of the immigration process.


Our immigration lawyers are strongly positioned to assist and represent clients in this area due to our vast experience and understanding of the intricacies of the immigration system and, very importantly, because of our genuine commitment to helping immigrants and their families feel supported and comfortable as they go through this process. 

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Get the Help You Need From a Skilled Asylum Lawyer

The fear of returning to their country and facing persecution on account of their political opinions, race, nationality, religion, or membership in a particular social group, is a reality that millions of people face. If you are the victim of past persecution or have a well-founded fear of future persecution, and you are currently in the United States, then you may consider seeking asylum protection.


Our immigration attorney will be glad to help you apply for asylee status. Keep in mind that you have a one-year deadline from the moment you enter the United States to apply. Our attorney will assist you to prepare your application, draft all necessary statements, and represent you before the Asylum Office or in Court. American Legal Immigration Center, LLC, will prepare and present your case and walk you clearly and confidently through the process.

Find Out More About How We Can Assist You

Estate planning (link to Estate Planning Page) is a sensitive topic. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you make the most of your family’s assets and protect them from unnecessary taxes and fees. We’ll meet for a consultation to learn about your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Then we’ll develop a plan for your situation and guide you through every process step. When you’re ready to take action, we’ll draw up an estate plan tailored to fit your needs and ensure that it’s filed correctly with the court. 


At American Legal Immigration Center, LLC, we can also help with the foreclosure process. The emotional and financial stress can be overwhelming, whether it’s your home or business being foreclosed on. Our foreclosure attorney (link to Real Estate Solutions page) will be with you every step, from filing suit against your lender to negotiating an advantageous settlement agreement with them. We’ll work diligently to find a solution that works for everyone involved.

Our Dedicated Green Card Lawyer is Ready to Assist You in Your Application

If you are thinking about applying for a Permanent Resident Card, commonly known as a green card, our immigration lawyer will be glad to help you through the process. We will assess your eligibility on several grounds, including:


  • Family
  • Employment
  • Special immigration
  • Refugee or asylee status
  • Victims of abuse
  • Human trafficking or crimes victims


A green card will grant you the right to live and work in the United States indefinitely while remaining a citizen from a different country, and can only be obtained after arrival in the United States. If you are ready to start this process, schedule a consultation at (240) 669-7596, or fill out our quick contact form. We’ll be glad to start working with you!

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