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Partner With an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer in Silver Spring, MD

Through a will, you can have the certainty that in the event of your passing, your assets will be divided amongst your loved ones according to your wishes. This legal document also allows you to name a legal guardian to look after your child if you are to pass away before they reach adulthood. 


A will is an essential part of most estate plans. At American Legal Immigration Center, LLC, you will find an experienced and trusted will lawyer that can help you draft a will that meets your unique needs, as well as review and modify your existing will to ensure it is valid and still aligns with your wishes. 

Our Estate Planning Lawyer Will Give You the Assistance You Need

Getting your affairs in order in preparation for the possibility of death or illness is not something that any lawyer can do. This requires compassion and understanding towards the sensitivity of the issue, and you can be sure that our estate planning attorney has the skills and experience to advise you on how to best proceed. We will get all your financial affairs in order with absolute respect towards your wishes. Please consider the following: 


  • The main goal of estate planning is to protect your assets and pass them on to your family in the best possible way. We will advise you on the inclusion of provisions related to your health and your estate in case one day you’re unable to make those decisions yourself.
  • Our attorney will create a plan following your wishes and expectations, maintain it, and update it as required.
  • Likewise, our wills and trusts attorney will conscientiously take care not only of how your assets will be distributed after your passing through a will but also by establishing a living trust, which saves you time and money because property left through a trust doesn’t have to go through probate court after passing away.
  • Both wills and trusts are responsible forms of estate planning, and we’ll make sure to walk you through all available options in your situation.

Set Up Your Business With The Help Of An Experienced Business Formation Lawyer

Our business formation lawyer will be glad to advise you on which is the best business entity structure fit for your purposes, as well as to formally register it to limit exposure to debts and liabilities. Our attorneys are experienced in business formation and contract drafting, and no matter the size of your venture, we’ll be happy to help you set up the optimal legal structure for your business.


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